Why am I constantly being judged by my Facebook profile?

Dear people, we should all be grown up enough now that we no longer judge a book by it’s cover.  Even more so, stop fucking judging everything and everyone!  Let people do what they want to do.  If one’s actions don’t negatively affect your life, why are you being all Judgy McJudgerson?

Facebook used to be a site for college kids to keep in touch after graduation.  Today Facebook is more of a site that people use to replace face to face interaction and real conversation.  If I’m being judged my my Facebook profile alone, I would appear to be an unemployed, bipolar, alcoholic, whore who can’t go longer than 3 seconds without saying “fuck” and smokes pot all day.  The ones who actually know me, know that only part of that is true….I’ve never been diagnosed as bipolar. :):)

The point is, if you want to know something about someone, ask them.  Don’t assume you know the answer or waste your time asking outside parties.  The worst they can do is ignore you (usually because it’s none of your business if you’re having to ask) or tell you the truth and somehow offend you.  Either of which you will eventually get over.  I have always been an open book.  I won’t lie to you, but I’ll play semantics all day until you ask the right questions.  Once those questions are asked though, I’m not holding back anything.  If my truth hurts your feelings, that is your problem and not mine.  I learned at a very young age that lying is exhausting.  Like, it’s a full time job of having to remember who you told what.  I don’t have time for that.  At this point in my life I smoke way too much pot to try to remember what I did yesterday, never mind keeping up with a bunch of lies.

Everyone is going through something that you know nothing about.  Take that into consideration before being Judgy McJudgerson just because you don’t live your life the same way as someone else.

This concludes today’s edition of #LifeLessonsByAshley. :):)


Ramblings from a troubled mind

I decided to start this blog when I began my book writing journey. I’ve had a pretty crazy life in my 34 years on this earth. I have always wanted to put my journey into words. I originally started this book thinking it would be purely comedic, but have since taken a different route and put my battles with depression out there in hopes of letting others see that they’re not alone in these feelings. If making myself vulnerable and putting my story out there can help just one person then I feel like it is absolutely worth it.